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Content marketing at Scale

Publishing at Scale

Publish to hundreds or thousands of social media accounts. Perfect if you manage social media for a lot of clients, or a lot of franchise branches . You'll love how Symphony makes this simple and affordable.

Organize your social profiles by client, geography, social network, or any other criteria.

Teamwork & Project Management

Add your team members and assign the right permissions for their roles. We've also included project management features so you can assign tasks to your team and track their progress.

Scheduling Across Timezones

We handle timezones for you, automatically. We also adjust for daylight saving time changes around the world. So when you schedule a post for 9:00am, it'll go at the right time for your East Coast and West Coast clients.

And if you schedule often, don't let your posts go out at exactly the same time every day and look automated. Enable approximate timing to add a human touch.

Analytics at Scale

Track engagement metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In real-time. Both, at the level of individual social profiles, and in aggregate across hundreds of profiles.

Dynamic Placeholders

Post templates allow you to write a post once and have it be automatically personlized for each social profile. For example, define the Website link for each of your clients and have Symphony put the right link depending on where your post is published.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Symphony tools!" - Michelle
"WOW! What amazing customer service the likes of which I have never seen." - Dr. Ed Taubman

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